Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Belle is all set for Spring in her pretty dress and beret. She loves sherbet dips and apple turnovers and lemonade.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring's Green Gauze

All of a sudden, there is a little greenness here and there. I'm not a fan of Spring in its obvious sense, by that I mean the gaudy yellow daffodils that to me look a little plastic, (sorry if you are a massive daffodil fan!) I do like narcissus, they're a bit less bright...
I like the tiny little warm green furry buds that appear like magic on the ends of the branches and the dusky pink nubs in the hedgerows. Today is a hazy day, just perfect.

I've been playing around with some colours inspired by the Northamptonshire countryside around me, lots of soft, misty greens and young bud pinks. I've got lots of half finished mousey projects on my sewing table just now, including a Spring bride waiting for her groom.

I hope Spring has sprung in your very own little corner of the world, wherever that may be...