Sunday, August 26, 2012

Berry Time!

There's a blackberry bush a few yards down the road from our house, laden with ripe globules of purple heaven. That, to me, always signals the beginning of the end of summer and the arrival of a crisp new season.
This time of year always makes me feel like starting afresh, much more than January. Perhaps it's memories of new pencil cases, brand new itchy school uniforms and promising myself that I would be somebody cool this new school year, (that never happened).
It's been pretty hard to decipher between the changes in the seasons this year thanks to the grey blanket of cloud that seems to have been lying over England for what seems like all eternity! I'm really hoping that the Autumn, with its fresh cutting air will blow away the dark, white sky.
I adore the longer shadows cast by the sun this time of year, and that special golden light you only get in late summer and early autumn. I'm looking forward to that.

Work wise, I've been extra, extra busy this summer. Sienna finished nursery in July so I've been trying to catch up with work in the evenings and at weekends. I've really enjoyed being able to spend these last few weeks with her before she starts school. She's so grown up now and I'm finding myself reminiscing about the past four and a half years and how much has changed, how so much has happened and trying not to worry about the future! I'm a terrible worrier.
I've just finished the final draft of my new book. I'm not sure I'm allowed to talk about it just yet, but it's available for per order on Amazon so I'm guessing it's not too much of a secret! I'll wait just a little longer before I tell all, but it's all very, very, very exciting!

So, I'm just waiting for Mr Nick and Sienna to get back from the supermarket, (see my illustrated shopping list I gave them), and then my day will be filled with dip pens and ink and copious amounts of black coffee. I should probably change out of my pyjamas at some point too...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Balancing Beatrice of Bordeaux

I'm practically chained to my drawing board at the moment, day in, day out. Most nights I don't finish until very late, but Beatrice is there to remind me to carry on and stay focused!

I talk to her and ask her such questions as - "Beatrice, do you think I should go on a chocolate making course, spend all my savings on chocolate making equipment and open a chocolate shop in France?"

"No", she says, "Finish the final draft of your book, then get on with inking up those fairy drawings".

She's very useful.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Exciting times!

I'm working on a really exciting project at the moment, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to talk about it yet! I really can't wait to share my news, but I'm going to wait just a little bit longer... In the mean time, I've been devouring the September edition of Vogue, wishing I had the bank account to afford the beautiful new collections from Ralph Lauren and Burberry Prorsum, (and the figure to slip into the gorgeous clothes!) I adore the little bow belt detail with Burberry, and the I LOVE the tweedy, English country style that Ralph Lauren have done this year! I'm a very tweedy, warm knits, cream blousy, vintage brooch sort of dresser, so I'm naturally an Autumn/Winter person. In another life I would have liked to have been a fashion designer, but for now I'm happy just to admire the talents of others, even if I can't afford them. The brown blouse I'm wearing in the photo was from T K Maxx and cost me seven quid. Bargain. And about my top budget for clothes just now. Who am I kidding. My top budget, full stop. I'm STILL waiting for my printer ink to arrive, then I can get busy printing the packaging for the post cards for the shop. It's so frustrating having them all just sat in their box! Right, I've got a few precious hours of non interrupted work ahead so am off back to my trusty drawing board. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone :) Erica xxx

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Molly's Jolly Brolly

Never did I think when I wrote and illustrated this book, that I would have a Molly of my own one day. The adventures one can have with one's brolly are quite literally, endless. (Especially a pink one with Hello Kitty on it).