Thursday, August 16, 2012

Balancing Beatrice of Bordeaux

I'm practically chained to my drawing board at the moment, day in, day out. Most nights I don't finish until very late, but Beatrice is there to remind me to carry on and stay focused!

I talk to her and ask her such questions as - "Beatrice, do you think I should go on a chocolate making course, spend all my savings on chocolate making equipment and open a chocolate shop in France?"

"No", she says, "Finish the final draft of your book, then get on with inking up those fairy drawings".

She's very useful.


  1. Good thing it's Beatrice. If it was an Annie mouse she would say chocolate.... What are you waiting for

    1. Hee hee! I would also like to live in an attic flat in Paris whilst studying the art of Patisserie....but there would be no room for Mr Nick and Sienna, plus Sienna has school...sigh...

  2. Lol! Shades of "Chocolat" creeping in here.....there are some wonderful alternative lives out there to dream about!
    Lucky you have a Beatrice to keep you grounded.