Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fingers Crossed!

After the MOST eventful beginning to 2012, (both in very bad ways and in very good ways), it looks like hopefully there is soon to be some stability! Hoorah! We've been tucked away here, in our hidey hole since the dark days of February and now, just as summer seems to be coming around the corner, we're packing up the ol' car and are off again! I wish I could tell you we were off to France, but alas, we didn't find anything for us. Not on that visit anyway, but we are still looking. No, we're off somewhere a bit more familiar...I'm just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that everything goes the way I want this time.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Toujours un fruit-loop...

...just because that's the best way to cope with life :) For the first time this holiday I visited my favorite proprietress, in my favorite shop, in my favorite place in France. I wasn't disappointed. I rummaged through old wooden drawers and dressers, finding treasure after treasure, all the while she was sat behind her sturdy wooden bureau puffing on her cigarettes and telling me about how tired she was. Sienna flitted in and out, helping herself to Madame's stash of 'gateaux' in the drawer with which to feed the ducks in the river that winds by the shop. Madame allowed me to measure out my own lengths of antique lace with her wooden metre rule, all the while saying - "en plus, en plus ma cherie", giving me much more per metre than her prix suggested. I love her to bits :)