Friday, September 7, 2012

Pretty in Pink

As usual, September is not disappointing me. Mr Nick and I will have been married for ten years in a couple of weeks and I've got a meeting lined up with my publishers to talk about my next two books! I am b-e-y-o-n-d excited about September.

It was perfect blackberry picking weather yesterday afternoon, so after the sun became less strong and more golden, Sienna and I set off across the fields and around the village streets in search of our treasure! I had my heart set on making something extra pretty, like something you would see in a French Patisserie window so looked up a cheesecake recipe, then altered it slightly to include blackberries! There was a little disappointment when we realised we had to leave it to set overnight in the fridge, but there was more than enough to construct a cheesecake sundae.

Considering I rarely make any form of cake, my efforts turned out quite satisfactorily! Mr Nick and I couldn't wait any longer and tried it at about 11 O'clock last night. The verdict was that there was too much topping to base ratio. I gave Sienna a slice this morning and she didn't like it! I don't understand, she liked the Sundae which was exactly the same...
Anyway, it looks it is...

Mr Nick was working late last night so I treated myself to a pink gin after Sienna was snuggled up in bed and sat on the sofa reading one of my favourite books - Alice in Wonderland. It's a French version, so it's a bit of a challenge but the real reason I bought it was for Rebecca Dautremer's exquisite illustrations. She is by far and wide my favourite illustrator and I want to be her!
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And as the sky turned pink, the girls on the dresser decided to go for a little walk in the woods, and do you know what happened? Well, I only just found out this morning, (there was a note on the fridge). Apparently they had been a-wandering when they happened across a large, black oak tree. Nestled in the roots was a ting wooden stage draped in red velvet curtains. Rows and rows of tiny red and white toadstools lined the front and slowly but surely the little fairy seats were filled by all manner of forest creatures. Mice and squirrels, voles and families of foxes all sat themselves down in front of the tiny wooden stage. There was a flurry of chattering and excitement until quietly an orchestra of grasshoppers struck up a heartbreakingly beautiful melody. One by one, scores of tiny white mice in mauve tulle pirouetted onto the stage to the delight of the woodland audience. The Ottoline dollies watched for hours, way past sunset, then made their way back to the old shop and fell asleep again on the dresser.


  1. Wow your cake looked great! I love reading your blog, your little world is always inspiring to me, very lovely! :)

  2. I would have loved to chance upon that ballerina show! I adore the ottoline dollies by the way, they're absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Oh Adorable Adorable will say again ADORABLE illustrations and things and stuff and images!
    what a talent you have, thank you muchest for sharing,
    Bestest wishes to you today
    Daisy J

  4. Ps Rebecca Dautremer's = heaven too. to find books by you and her...
    Until later
    Miss Daisy J