Friday, November 9, 2012


No sooner had Claudine popped into the shop, she was sold! She has found a loving home in the West Midlands, far away from her native Brive where she was a primary school teacher.
But look...! Who are these two pretties? It's Bertrice and her daughter Belle. Bertrice works in a little bookshop just off the Place du Marché in Brantôme. She loves her job, which is just as well as she doesn't make a very good wage. She can't afford new blouses, so must mend the ones she has. (The one she is wearing was snagged on Monsieur La Gaillard's umbrella). Her little daughter, Belle, spends her long lunch times at the shop with her mother where she indulges in fairy tales and romances. Available in theshop

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  1. Oh they are so lovely! And all the little stories are just brilliant! You know i lived for a little while near Brive La Gaillarde, it was in the Lot in Autoire. I can really picture your characters other there, it's so magical all together! :)