Friday, February 8, 2013


Vanessa once lived beneath the Metro in Paris in a tiny apartment above a brasserie that she ran with her then husband, Bernard. Mice would flock from all over Paris to sample her Tarte aux Framboise, her Cerise Brioche and the eternally popular Gateau D'Amour. Her recipes proved so popular that she was asked to write a cookbook, which in turn was made into a very successful TV series. Just at the height of her fame, she discovered Bernard had been having an affair with one of the waitresses at the Brasserie. Bernard claimed that she was no longer at home, always off shooting an episode of her TV series and that they had nothing left in common. Heartbroken, Vanessa packed a small suitcase and a copy of her book - 'Recettes D'Amour' and moved away from Paris. She now happily runs another small Brasserie, this time overlooking the river Dronne where her tartes and cakes are as popular as ever.

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