Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Erica cannot make meringue...

...to save her life. I tried again yesterday, and they ended up in the bin.
So, what to do with a bowl full of egg yolks.....
Raspberry and vanilla custard tartlets, that's what!

I've never made anything like this before, so I completely cheated and bought the cases from the supermarket, (the less that could go wrong, the better).
After a quick call to chef, (mother), I had a quick and easy recipe. So if you have some cream, some raspberries going off in the fridge and a few eggs, indulge yourself!


Packet of tartlet bases, (or make your own if you're reeeeeally clever)
1 pint of single cream
2 ounces of caster sugar
3 eggs plus 2 egg yolks
A little vanilla essence to taste
A pinch of grated nutmeg to taste
Raspberries (or any yummy berry would do...cor, blackberries would be nice)
Red gelatine sachet mix.


Pre heat your oven to 150 C.
Warm the cream in a pan on a low heat, being careful not to let it bubble or curdle.
Mix all the eggs and the sugar in a bowl gently, then add the vanilla and nutmeg.
When the cream is warm, pour into the bowl of egg mixture and gently whisk.
Ladle the mixture into the tart cases straight away and pop in the oven until they start to rise up a little, (about half an hour or so).
Meanwhile, make up your gelatine mix.
Take out and leave to cool.
Decorate as you please and add the gel mix when it's still runny then leave to cool and set.

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