Monday, August 1, 2011

The Wait

I'm currently waiting for news...and have been for weeks....
Now, it's not as though I'm waiting for anything horrid, so I shouldn't moan, but nevertheless, I'm just hanging...and hanging....and hanging....
I've got lots of little projects, picture book ideas/dummies/young fiction texts/mail shots to magazines all fluttering about in the big wide world of publishing and am just waiting for one bite...just one would do...just to settle me a little.
And it's not like I have nothing to do in the meantime either! I have lots of work to do for the Candy Fairies series and there's always tea parties and picnics with Sienna to keep me busy.
But still, I really don't like not knowing, so please, publishing fairies of London, please send me some news one way or the other soon....
Below is a little sneak peek from a picture book I'm working on today....and below that, a new dolly available in the shop This dolly has found a home :0)

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