Sunday, November 27, 2011

An afternoon of mousery

This afternoon and this evening has been spent putting the finishing touches to some new mouse decorations. These will probably be the last of the Christmas things this year, as I'm guessing most people are done with their decoration shopping by now. If you do order one, I'll make sure it's put in the post First Class the same day.
I can't get enough of mice in tutus and the way they just look soooo 1940's and vintage.

So, having put last week FIRMLY behind me, it's time to prepare for another. Here's to a wonderful week ahead to everybody!


  1. what a lovely blog, and i love that mouse. Its so pretty, me thinks im off for a good nosey around.x

  2. Oh i can't wait to receive my little mouse, well my daughter's mouse! They are just so lovely! The little hat is just too cute!! ♥

  3. I adore your little mice ,so cute,I'm now following your lovely blog.
    Happy New Year
    XX Manda XX