Friday, December 21, 2012


Elodie was born in Paris in a small apartment in Mont Martre. Her mother was a "dancer" and her father was a "painter", let's just say there in not much young Elodie's eyes had not seen. On her sixteenth birthday she packed her few belongings into a small matchbox and stowed away on a train heading Southwest. She arrived in a small town surrounded by a loop in the river and found a job in the bank. Every afternoon at five, Leön from the Auberge du Pamplemousse would come in to bank his takings. Slowly they fell in love. They were married on a fine May afternoon and Elodies's dress is still the talk of the town. Elodie now runs the Auberge du Pamplemousse with Leön and they have six children and a very, very happy life. Her parents did attend the wedding but the Mairie has banned them from the provence until further notice.


  1. Hello Erica, a lovely tale! My friend Maria gavè me a Christmas gift she bought from you, AA beautiful set of post cards, thank you, I love them!

    Have a fabulous Christmas

    Claire xxx

  2. She is lovely! I'm so glad to have found your blog this morning. It's really very precious and "Kindred Spirit-ish." :p


  3. Ohh!!!! Your blog is very very nice!!! I'm a new follower!!! ...and happy new year!!!! Serena

  4. I love your blogg Erica, its truly scrumptious, I cant wait to buy some of your lovely wee peeps :) and the ottoline dolls :)
    hugs and squeezes xxx