Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome along to  my blog, the button and the bean! Here you will find all sorts of bits and bobs, curiosities, recipes, stiched things, scribbled things, grown things and gererally simple things in my life that make be happy everyday.
Yesterday, I was pottering about, poking around in cupboards and drawers when I discoverd a handful of beans tucked away at the back of the dresser drawer. They were not in a packet, just lying there crying out to be scooped up and set free.
So, I put them in a little jar and carried them down to the potager. Now, it's quite late to be planting beans, and the vegatable patch is crammed full right now, so I decided to do them the honour of giving them their very own little abode...a rather pretty terracotta pot. In they went, up went the canes to support their little leafy bodies in a few weeks, and just to cast a little good luck spell, I tied their pink button that was lying with them in the drawer to the canes. A little reminder of how lucky they were to be rescued from their dark, dusty drawered existence....

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  1. Good to see you blogging again -trust you to have a pink button arrangement on your bean poles! :)