Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rima and 'The Hermitage'

I would love to share a blogger friend of mine....her name is Rima and I need not say any more than share with you the link to her wonderful blog and the life she shares with her equally wonderful and talented partner....

into the hermitage


  1. Bless you Erica :) Glad you found some magic at my hearth... I hope life for you and yours is singing and splendid.
    Love from Devon where it rains and rains xxx

  2. Hello Erica-Jane
    I love your fabulous art work! I love 'The Hermitage' too and Rima is an exceptionally talented artist. My brother is artist/illustrator/author Troy Howell of Frederickburg, Virginia, U.S.A. He illustrated all of the jacket covers for the 'Redwall' series of books by Brian Jacques of London, sadly to say, Brian passed away this past spring. My brother just published a book 'The Dragon of Cripple Creek' through Amulet Books, a division of Harry Abrams/Scholastic Books in New York. You can view Troy's book on with the 'look inside' option.
    Troy's blog is: Troy Howell Studio which can be found on a search on Yahoo!
    I am a doll maker and am in a couple of doll ning sites. Cloth and Clay doll ning with Jane Des Rosier as the instructor. I had no clue I could sculpt dolls out of paper clay in 3-D, and also make cloth bodied dolls with a paper clay overlay on the upper body/ face/ hands and feet. It is incredibly satisfying to see a doll come to life. I like the doll in your profile photo. And I love your real life baby photo too! What a doll!
    Good fortune in all that you do.
    Teresa in California