Friday, April 20, 2012

If there be Dippy Eggs....

...things are usually okay.

Things are getting quite exciting around here just now, but as with exciting things, they always seem to be 'just around the corner'. Now once upon a time this would have driven me quite mad, but I take a more relaxed view on life these days.

A trip has been booked. We have our boarding pass for EuroTunnel. The gîte is booked and this time in two weeks I will be winding my way down to my favourite little corner of this planet with my two favourite people. And the most exciting part of this little trip is that we are going to find our new home.

We've got a shortlist, (long list) of properties to view. Some are ready to move into, although not 'our dream'. Some are old barns or farmhouses which are about as far from ready to move into as you can get, but 'could' be 'our dream'.

So, I'm busy meeting my deadlines before we go, as well as some other little bits and bobs that I will share soon.

Oh, and before I forget! These two NEW Candy Fairies books by the wonderful Helen Perelman are now available for pre-order...I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE illustrating this fabulous series, long may it continue!!


  1. Oh Erica how exciting! I might have guessed you'd make the move sooner or later. Well done with the illustration work, it's all so lovely!
    Jess x

  2. wow- that really IS exciting! I hope for you that dreams come true are right around that corner!