Sunday, April 22, 2012

Red Bicycle

Yesterday Mr Nick, Sienna and I made a trip to the bicycle shop. Mr Nick enjoys throwing himself down the sides of mountains upon two wheels so I decided to join him in a little Saturday afternoon bicycle browsing, that's about as near to mountain biking as I will ever get. I'm more the 'pootling around town with the newspaper, a baguette and a bottle of Bergerac in my basket' kinda bicycle rider so I was instantly smitten with my new love - The Pashley Princess. They had two, one a very sweet fifties baby blue, and this one, the red one. It was over six hundred pounds, but I want it so, so badly. I can't wait to get settled again in my very own studio and re-stock my shop, then maybe after I've sold about 300 dollies I may be able to afford it! As you can see I wouldn't leave its side. Even while Sienna was tearing around the shop on some pink and purple tasselled atrocity, threatening to knock over the entire shops stock, I was glued to it and it's very informative pamphlet. It had all sorts of useful information including Bicycle etiquette. It was just adorable. All of it. Including the pamphlet. So, even though this was only taken yesterday teatime, it feels like a thousand years ago. I'm longing for the day when we can be together everyday.
And in other news! Just as I was feeling particularly and spectacularly down in the dumps, at about eleven O'Clock on Friday morning, I looked up from my drawing board to see the postman shuffling his way down the garden path carrying a BIG BOX! I knew instantly what was inside the box and my spirits instantly lifted. I'm so happy and so lucky in so many more ways than I sometimes remember.


  1. Oh gosh, I soooooo want one of those now too! The pile of books look yummy, also :) x

  2. I used to have a bike like that (not a pashley though) but it was too impractical for me - especially storage. I've since moved on from the step-through frame to the folding bicycle, which is much easier for me to keep in my apartment. And is still rocking a wicker basket.

  3. Aww have fallen in love with the wonderful red bicycle...gonna get that on my wish list..Loved your illustrations..soo very lovely!! x