Friday, April 27, 2012


I'm a bit limited lately as regards to sewing and making. Practically everything I own is in storage and I have been living out of a suitcase for nearly eleven weeks now. This time has been dedicated to writing and working and the amount I've achieved is amazing compared to 'normal life' and I'm very, very happy with the amazing opportunities that have arisen from this time! More to come on that soon...
But now, I want my stuff back. I want my little tin boxes full of antique french buttons and lace, my jars of ric-rac and ribbon, my pile of vintage handkerchiefs that is as tall as Sienna. I drove for nearly an hour on wednesday to visit the nearest 'good' haberdashery, and although I came home with a bundle of goodies, I've discovered that without my sewing machine, I'm limited to tiny things. So, it looks like my plans for re-stocking the shop will have to wait a little bit longer. My mind is BURSTING at the seams with dollies and other little bits but I know it shouldn't be too long before we're all settled again and I'm reunited with my precious sewing machine!

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