Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Posh Nosh!

A little while ago, when I was strapped for time with deadlines but had a good oven, I prepared this meal as a special treat for Mr Nick and I. I liked it so much I gave it a name. It's called, her hum, don't laugh - 'Fairytale on a Plate'. The reason being it's full of earthy, woodland flavours and of course those beautiful fairy mushrooms steal the show! It's not a cheap dish, nor is it a great idea if you are trying to fit back into those size ten jeans you've kept in the back of the wardrobe 'just in case you fit back into them one day'. You'll need - Duck breasts. A celeriac. Chestnuts or walnuts. Mushrooms. Puy lentils. Shallots. A carrot. Garlic. Potatoes. Stock. I made the lentils by chopping up shallots, carrots and chestnuts and gently frying for a minute or two, then adding the lentils, then adding the stock and cooking until tender. (About 40 mins) The celeriac I just roasted in the oven until softened, then pureed it. The potatoes are cooked as fondant potatoes The duck I pan fried on a high heat for a couple of minutes then transferred to the oven for about 8-10 minutes. (Depends how you like your duck!) The mushrooms I just quickly flash fried with a little cider vinegar and butter. All in all, it was very yummy! My current oven is a little limited in that it seems to be either "WHAM, I"M COOKING YOU NOW!!!", or "Uh, you want that food warming up, do you?". Same with the hob...

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