Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Salad Days

Eventually, some warm light. A little break form the greyness. I'm not particularly a summer person, I always cover up my arms and legs even on the warmest days, but I love the LIGHT! And I'm blessed with a house that has tall windows and lots of them! My favourite time of the day is when I close the curtains to block out the strong evening sun and am pottering around preparing the dinner. And the menu changes with the climate, as I'm sure it does in everyones home. Out come the salads. Tonight we're having french bean, canellenni bean and walnut salad...
and...tomato and basil,
with chicken thighs wrapped in this...
I'm a complete sucker for anything that has the words 'black forest' written on it, (including gateau). All the while I was being watched by a gaggle of girls sat upon my dresser. I'm sure there was some gossip I was missing...
Probably something about Johnny Depp or perhaps how I need my hair cut. I'm sure they help themselves to the tea and antique French teacups at night while we are all sleeping. But I don't mind. I hope that the sun is shining down on wherever you are today. I'm busy designing the Christmas stock for my shop! That feels VERY strange in the middle of July.


  1. delightful post ;0)...that bean and walnut salad looked very yummy indeedy. I will be buying one of your dollys for my daughters 6th birthday- i think they are beautiful and she has long dark hair ;0)

  2. Since it is tomato time, we have have been on a "Caprese" salad kick! Your look's light and delish! And thankin you kindly for your visit and comment!;)