Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fleurette and Cerise

Fleurette lives in a dry stone chabanos on the road out of town towards Nontron. She shares this tiny round building with her sister, Cerise and their mother, Framboise. Fleurette along with her sister and mother are the town's laundry mice. Each day they wash the pantaloons and frilly blouses of the townsfolk in the fresh waters of the Dronne then hang them to dry in the trees and bushes along the bank. They are paid handsomely for their labours due to the dangerous nature of the work. Once, it is rumoured, Fleurette fought off a large Mallard that had taken a fancy to Madame Maude's silk bloomers using nothing but a bar of soap and a bobby pin.
The girls have been taking over the kitchen table a little lately. I've decided it would be nice to sit and eat at the table for a few days, so everybody has been moved onto the dresser for now.
Right, I've got bills to pay, errands to run, shopping to do and one hundred deadlines to meet! Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday all. xxx

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  1. super story of defence with a bobby pin and a bar of soap :) it caused me to spit my tea out with laughter whilst reading my emails this morning :)
    thanks for the joy and the beauty Erica--have a fab day ! xxx