Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Madame Clémence Bisset and Mademoiselle Pénélope Bisset

Madame Clémence Bisset owns the Manoir Mûre high on the wooded hills overlooking the town. Her and Monsieur Éduoard are the twenty-eighth generation of Bisset mice to inhabit the golden stoned and turreted pile. They have a number of children, although nobody is quite sure how many as no-one has ever counted. Madame Clémence will be available in the shop later. She is priced at £26.99 plus P&P.
Mademoiselle Pénélope is one of the Manoir Mûre children. She loves to play in the black woods that coat the hillsides around the manoir. She climbs the great oak trees and gazes down upon the town, wishing that she was an ordinary mouse in an ordinary dress. Then perhaps a certain boy mouse called Phillipe would buy her a milkshake. Pénélope is priced at £24.99 plus P&P and will be available in the shop later.

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  1. They are just darling! And I love your backdrop as well. :)